A modern retail solution

A real-time centralised sales, ERP, warehousing and point-of-sale system.

Next-generation, comprehensive commercial system

HEADS has been designed to offer real-time, fast and reliable performance even in high-volume environments. HEADS provides an ERP solution for chain management, sales outlets and central warehouses, as well as configurable POS solutions for sales.

The heart of commerce

A major advantage of the HEADS’s system is its centralised in-memory database: it keeps critical data required for daily use always readily available in real time. Gone is the need for heavy overnight batch processing. Yesterday’s data is a thing of the past – up-to-date data is immediately available for viewing.

The integration platform seamlessly integrates e-commerce data into the system. The versatile cash register system ensures that HEADS can accommodate self-service, mobile or fixed cashiers, as well as custom sales, directly in the system.

The user interface is clear and intuitive. It has been designed to accommodate the needs of different users: different views display precisely the information that each user requires to perform his or her work. For example, buyers ordering products see a graphical diagram of the product’s past sales, as well as a forecast of future sales. This speeds up and simplifies work routines, since users no longer need to search for required information whenever needed. In practice, this means that users no longer need to refer to dozens of open windows to complete a single task.

Version management is the cornerstone of product development. All customers will always have the same latest version in use. Also, they will have all the necessary tools for the automatic update of workstations and cash registers at their disposal. No need for separate version update projects. Users can maximise the benefits of maintenance – at no extra cost.

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Real-time data to support decision making
Intuitive with a simple user interface
Centralised architecture, no sales outlet servers
Configurable, based on industry requirement
Single version, no major version update projects

Suited for companies of all sizes and for multiple business sectors, including:

  • grocery stores
  • wholesale trade
  • home electronics stores
  • hardware stores
  • textile trades
  • other specialty trades

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Selection management

Sellable products are at the heart of commerce. Many different kinds of data examined from different perspectives are needed to support decision making. HEADS provides versatile tools for product segmentation, categorisation and search at the different stages of purchasing, pricing, sales and reporting. HEADS allows for the simultaneous sale of unit and variant products. The system tracks variant products at the level of individual items and product families.

Product pricing is determined on the basis of unique store- or chain-specific product cards. Campaign management allows the creation of offers with the help of time-bound prices. Offers can be easily constructed with HEADS’s pricing tool, which accommodates packages, customer price lists and complex campaigns (e.g. Buy 3 pay for 2).

HEADS’s integration platform ensures that selections and price lists can also be imported from ERP or PIM systems.


Purchasing processes in HEADS support different needs. Adding new suppliers, products and delivery routes, as well as creating orders, have been designed to be so simple that buyers can perform these transactions directly in HEADS during a visit to a supplier or manufacturer. To facilitate repeat purchases, HEADS contains the required parameters and sales history to provide the buyer with pre-set purchasing suggestions. This ensures that products are available on store shelves without extra work.

HEADS’s purchase order supports the purchase of variant products. When ordering, users can pre-configure required colours and sizes. This ensures quick and efficient action for transactions such as purchasing clothes. Upon arrival to warehouse, it is still possible to modify orders to correspond to deliveries, place a part of an order for delivery later, or add or remove products and variants depending on the delivery.

Omnichannel sales

HEADS’s cash registers function in both online and offline modes, guaranteeing operational reliability in the event of connectivity disruptions. Centralised servers ensure that cash registers have the latest data instantly available for sales work. The cash register layout is fully customisable. Additional finished products can be added for specific purposes such as restaurant sales and product searches, and stock balance queries for other stores.

Payments can be made using debit and credit cards, gift cards, invoices and cash. Cash registers can be integrated with external systems by building online queries directly into another system. They can also be configured for self-service use. They support graphical customer price displays, which can also show advertisements.

HEADS supports the use of a sales order programme to create offers and orders. Orders can be paid with invoices or can be redeemed directly at the cashier. It is possible to create projects for customers if they order more products over longer periods of time. Customers may also have personalised price lists. Customer cards ensure that users can quickly and easily see customer sales histories, price lists and transactions.

Sales orders created in an ERP system or e-commerce site are synchronised into HEADS – this guarantees that they can be redeemed and handed over to customers straight from the sales outlet or store pick-up point.

Central warehouse management

HEADS WMS central warehouse management system helps organise central warehouses. WMS offers a pre-integrated central warehouse as part of the store system. It can be used to manage real-time centralised receipt and monitoring of goods, and replenishment of goods in store outlets. WMS includes handheld terminals in reception, vehicle-mounted computers for goods transfer and an option to replenish stock in stores automatically from the central warehouse. Users in stores can also see central warehouse stock levels from product cards, and products can be ordered either for the central warehouse or directly to the store.

Real-time business monitoring

Gone are the days of heavy report generation processes. HEADS provides the entire sales and transaction history in real time. It offers useful standard reports, as well as tools to create custom reports and mass runs. All reports and views can be saved directly from the system into required file formats, such as Excel, for later use.

HEADS also provides users with a customisable Dashboard that can be configured to meet user-specific requirements. Users can add different functions to Dashboards such as reports, different alerts and even a product search for quick product queries.


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