Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A flexible and reliable ERP system

A complete ERP that includes industry specific solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides small and medium businesses with a complete package to enhance their operations. It is a comprehensive solution that can grow according to the needs of the business.

Microsft Dynamics NAV is able to meet the needs of the most demanding industries

Microsft Dynamics NAV allows businesses to combine financial management, production, stock management logistics, customer relationship management, maintenance and e-commerce. Companies in the wholesale and specialty trades, as well as in the accommodation/leisure and hospitality sectors, use solutions based on the system.

During initial deployment, a company can choose to implement only the functionalities it needs. As requirements grow, it can easily add new features. Dynamics NAV can be used in a multi-company environment and it also offers the option of multilingual support for all of its features. Dynamics NAV’s basic functionalities include complete integration with Office 365 and cloud services. Other features include sales, purchasing, procurement, stock management and maintenance.

Dynamics NAV can be acquired as a cloud service or by purchasing licences. Its floating licence pricing also makes it an affordable investment.

Mobile usage

Dynamics NAV can be used with almost every browser-based device. In addition to traditional workstations it is also compatible with tablets (Windows, Android, iPad) as well as all mobile devices with the Dynamics NAV application. Its flexible and user-specific modifiable interface functions via the Internet on tablets, smartphones or any device with a browser. The user interface also works on desktop computers or via Microsoft Sharepoint.

NAV is compatible with efficiency-boosting stock management solutions provided by a variety of suppliers and can be used with hand-held devices, vehicle mount computers and voice control.

Main features:

Versatile ERP solution
Browser and mobile user interface
Complete Office 365 integration
Flexible reporting
User interface can be modified for different roles


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Microsoft Dynamics for Retail ERP system for specialty goods trade

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is an ERP solution for modern and dynamic growth companies in retail industry.

Serve your customers according to their needs and support their purchase path

The internationally renowned Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is a scalable and easy-to-use system that supports seamless customer experience across all sales channels – both at home and abroad. Its end-to-end capabilities include key retail functionalities from chain management to point of sale operations.

When salespersons meet customers, they can easily access customer information, wish lists and purchase history from all sales channels with an easy-to-use user interface. The system saves customers’ shopping behaviour and helps salespersons by suggesting appropriate accessories or by providing personalised pricing for a pre-defined customer segment. In addition, retailers gain insight into their customers’ lives and know what they need. You can also use the system to engage customers with loyalty programmes and marketing functionalities.

Optimise supply chain and make sure products are available

Dynamics Retail automates orders and supply chain by using a sales forecast or by detecting when a popular item is running low in stock. This ensures stores always carry adequate amounts of items at any given time. Salespersons or end customers can view product availability in all sales channels.

Back-office management capabilities included

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail also includes extensive financial management functionalities, such as general ledger, purchase and sales ledger, reporting and analytics. The solution automates and enhances financial processes.

Microsoft Dynamics is a Microsoft ERP solution for companies with operations in several countries. It is currently used in 40 countries worldwide in many different business sectors. We have particular expertise in ERP solutions for specialty trades, wholesale and automotive retail industry.


Grows with your needs – globally and across channels
Takes your customer experience to a new level
Contributes to a transparent and efficient supply chain
Helps to predict demand and replenish stock efficiently
Modern, intuitive user interface
Fully integrated system from sales transactions to financial management

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