LS Nav – for omnichannel specialty goods stores

LS Nav is a modern comprehensive solution for omnichannel commerce. The solution facilitates traditional business management and provides transparency for the entire delivery chain.

A single solution for retail sales

LS Nav provides real-time data on stock balances, outlet and sales effectiveness, stock values and other types of essential information. Advanced technology ensures that supplementary orders allocate resources to the right place at the right time.

LS Nav for efficient management of omnichannel commerce

LS Nav provides delivery chain transparency and effectively supports omnichannel commerce. The system continuously provides business operations with accurate information on e.g. stock balances, outlet and sales efficiency and stock values. With LS Nav’s advanced technology, supplementary orders allocate resources to the right place at the right time.

LS Nav is an integrated system: sales outlets, back office and head office all use the same application. This means that individual payments can be tracked from sales outlets to the general ledger, maximizing control over business operations. LS Nav is based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, so users are free to use other Microsoft Dynamics NAV components such as financial, sales and marketing, inventory and service applications.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is quick to install and easy to use, and meets the current and future needs of successful companies. More than 100,000 customers have already chosen Dynamics NAV as their ERP system. Dynamics NAV’s success as a business resource is based on its capacity for continuous development, which ensures that the system retains its high level of quality. User-friendliness and flexibility are key properties of Dynamics NAV.

Main features:

Full integration of POS system into ERP
Versatile store and cashier functionalities
Background functions to support chains
Product and product range management
Supply chain management
Stock management
Financial management and cost accounting


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Precise information from different sales outlets and throughout the entire delivery chain

Retailers can use the business data processing function to review any kind of data, convert it to usable information and export it to basic Microsoft tools such as Office and Outlook.

The solution provides shared data management and maintenance for all channels, such as e-commerce, loyalty programmes for mobile devices and brick-and-mortar stores. All users have access to information about products, customers, promotions and special orders and can follow activities at the outlet or salesperson level.

Tools for supplementing displays and product ranges support retail store executives in the overall management of both outlets and the entire chain.

A single solution for retail sales

Key functionalities for retail sales can be used in stores, chain management and directly with the customer. Data can be gathered from all channels, including outlets, and coordinated by chain management before entry on the general ledger. The information and programmes created in the chain management system are exported to all channels for update and implementation.

  • LS Nav has been translated into 33 languages
  • 50,000 retail outlets and more than 115,000 sales points trust LS Nav
  • More than 200 certified resellers are responsible for distribution

LS Nav for omnichannel retail chains

LS Nav is based on Microsoft Nav technology and covers the entire value chain from marketing to customer relationship management, omnichannel sales operations and focused chain management.

The comprehensive LS Nav solution includes the entire delivery and value chain and related processes: from cashier and sales points via extensive chain and logistics management to financial management and analytics. Its basic functionality is based on Microsoft Dynamics Nav’s ERP system and has been enhanced with features required for specialty retail chains.

Phased deployment

It is possible to adopt a modular approach to LS Nav deployment and to gradually expand its functionalities over time. Some solution components can be taken into use separately and can be easily and flexibly integrated into a broader system. LS Nav can scale from a single-point cash register to a solution spanning several cashiers and numerous locations.

Mobile solutions can be used to expand the extensive basic functionality of this vertical solution to use in customer service and sales situations. Additional functionalities provide tools for customer loyalty management, the optimization of stock management and mobile solutions. 

Effective support for different tasks

The system’s role-based and innovative user experience makes it easy and fast to take into use. Different kinds of user roles each have their own views and tools. Microsoft technology ensures that the user experience is familiar and facilitates direct integration with tools such as email and SharePoint.

The solution’s features and functionalities are developed by a global partner network to meet customers’ needs. This ensures that the best practices and benefits of different sectors are integrated into the overall solution and are available to other industries.

LS Nav features:

  • Full integration of POS system into ERP
  • Versatile store and cashier functionalities as well as background functions to support chains
  • Salesperson management, including upselling and cross-selling
  • Product and product range management, pricing and campaigns, extensive product structures and variations
  • Dynamic cashier displays, scalability to different devices, from tablets to fixed-station cashiers
  • Role-based
  • Supply chain management
  • Stock management, mobile solutions
  • Financial management and cost accounting
  • Special orders from suppliers, direct deliveries to customers, click and collect
  • Mobile checkouts
  • Customer loyalty management, mobile solutions for customers and social media
  • E-commerce
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

​LS Omni – supporting business anytime, anywhere

Is your company ready for mobile business? LS Retail includes mobile solutions that can be fully integrated with the rest of the system.

More convenient service at sales points

LS Retail’s mobile application, e-commerce service and background Nav ensure that customers can shop regardless of time or location. LS Nav’s new LS Omni feature means that customers can combine traditional shopping experiences with new online and mobile features.

LS Omni brings a new dimension to the relationship between consumers and retailers, as customers can now shop anytime, anywhere. Customers can shop in traditional stores, at home while online or using a mobile customer loyalty application. Online purchases can either be delivered to customers’ homes or to the nearest sales outlet – just click and collect!

LS Omni makes it possible to:

  • Accept payments using stores’ mobile sales points
  • Integrate e-commerce with the rest of the system
  • Use the customer loyalty app on a smartphone
  • Manage stock using mobile devices
  • Use a single system instead of several different ones

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