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Providers of modern hotels, hotel chains and leisure centres or resorts need a system that supports their business and allows them to offer a range of services to their customers and to manage related resources. It is most important to offer customers experiences made up of several types of services.

Cenium is a modern and complete solution for hotels and leisure centres

Cenium, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution, complements traditional ERP systems with features required by hotels and resorts.

A single multi-purpose view of the customer

It is easier to offer services to customers if establishments have a single information system. Sales become effortless when – from a single terminal – all services can be reserved and expenses easily added to the hotel room bill. Real-time information about customer reservations, average purchase value and purchase history supports additional sales.

Conference customers on the other hand prefer separate services. They want conference facilities, catering and other possible activities to be listed as separate additional charges if they are not part of the original package.

Creating events, such as weddings, concerts or business meetings, means providers have to manage reservations for several different resources, from kitchen meal planning to number of cleaners. During the planning phase, information must be openly available; changes need to be visible in real-time.

Cenium is comprised of several different modules – accessible whenever needed.

Complete hospitality solution:

Complements a traditional ERP
Real time data
Mobile POS
Extensive reports
Service and activity management

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Cenium PMS module

Cenium’s Property Management System (PMS) module offers basic functionalities for hotels or leisure centres that provide accommodation. PMS can be used to manage one or more locations or properties. PMS functions are available via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV user interface.

Accommodation features

Cenium PMS is a module for the management of accommodation, spaces, properties, as well as other bookable resources. It includes the following functionalities:

  • Front Desk / Reception user interfaces
  • Check-in / Check-out / payment and billing
  • Reservations, pricing, search and reporting
  • Resource status check (e.g. housekeeping)
  • Group management

In addition to its basic features, PMS allows users the option of communicating with guests:

  • Notes on customer preferences (room type, pillow thickness, activities, etc.)
  • Messaging via SMS or mobile app (memos, reservations)
  • Info TV

It is possible to expand the PMS module to reach customer interfaces using a number of readily available applications, such as:

  • Fast Track self-service Check-in/-out for tablets
  • iMaid mobile app for cleaners, e.g. minibar consumption reporting or housekeeping progress
  • welcoME mobile app for customer service workers to help reserve selected services and introduce the hotel and menu.

Learn more about Fast Track self-service:

Lifestyle module

The Lifestyle module provides management and reservation functions for hotel and resort services. The module works seamlessly with other modules such as PMS and makes it easy to package services for customers. The Lifestyle module can be used in the following cases:

  • Restaurant table reservations
  • Spa treatment reservations
  • Equipment rental
  • Ticket sales
  • Different loyal customer groups (e.g. gym memberships)

Sales and Catering module

Sales and Catering functions particularly include tools for sales and conference services with regard to contacting customers, order processing, event planning and resourcing. Sales flow smoothly when staff has all required information for reservations such as room rates and personnel availability. The process-driven Sales and Catering module enables sales staff to consider every relevant detail, such as:

  • Event and conference services management, including related catering, billing, reservations and activities
  • Ongoing customer contracts and their terms and conditions (information about what’s included in the price must be available in all systems) 


The Reporting module covers even the tiniest detail of the hospitality business. It allows proprietors to forecast and report using reality-based figures. Above all, reporting can be used to identify and track irregularities. Traditionally, reporting uses Microsoft Office Word or Excel tools or can be performed on an employee-specific basis with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV dashboard.

Reports might include:

  • Booking status and occupancy rate by week, day, hour, location, etc.
  • Monitoring irregularities (e.g. cancellations)
  • Price channel monitoring and capacity
  • Housekeeping / maintenance monitoring
  • Customer purchasing history, average purchases, complementary purchases, etc.

PMS Check-In demo:


Customers have become accustomed to receiving service anywhere, anytime. Cenium provides readily available mobile apps for use by customers and staff, ensuring that customers can be served, regardless of time or location – whether they want to pay a restaurant bill, check in or out or reserve a tennis court.

  • Mobile cashier (POS) for restaurant and retail sales
  • Mobile alerts for reservations, maintenance and housekeeping progress

POS and Reception

Cenium works seamlessly with the LS POS system. Hotels or resorts can use LS Nav for retail sales or LS Nav Hospitality solution for restaurant sales. POS solutions, with multilingual support, are role-based – display changes depending on the user’s job function, e.g. chef, waiter, maître d’ – and all sales functions can be managed from one POS device.

  • LS Nav POS solutions can be used for ticket and kiosk sales, or at hotel boutiques
  • LS Nav Hospitality solutions are used in restaurants and cafes, and include table layouts, reservations, meal planning and recipes

welcoME mobile application:


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