Dynamic and flexible ERP solutions

New-generation ERP solutions are dynamic and flexible systems that can be deployed in phases and whose operations are increasingly moving to the cloud. ERPs are progressively catering to the specific needs of different industries.

Modern ERP solutions support changing business

Are your goods staying in inventory longer than before? Has demand for your products taken you by surprise lately, forcing you to turn away your customers? Have you been forced to sell product lots at discounted prices? Are you able to manage your inventory effectively while ensuring that you can fulfil online purchases and maintain stock at your retail outlets?

Supply chain management more important than ever

If there have been changes to your business’s core metrics, you may need to rethink the accuracy of your supply chain management. You can improve your current technical environment using different optimization solutions.

ERPs becoming more flexible and comprehensive solutions

The new generation of ERP systems is dynamic and modular and offers a completely new level of integration-friendliness. We can use modern ERP solutions to ensure the reliability of operations, effective information exchange among all stakeholders, and as a result, create a seamless customer experience. Effective ERP systems support the entire omnichannel service chain and improve performance levels.

To improve competitiveness, it is generally not enough to enhance existing processes; it is also necessary to create space for new operational models in areas such as operations, finances and human resources management. The ability to adapt to future needs requires flexible information systems.

Industry-specific features built on standard technology

The special requirements of various industries can be addressed using standard technology plug-ins. This ensures the continuous development of basic functions and compatibility with the rest of the technical environment. New-generation solutions have an open architecture and are gradually moving to cloud solutions. Read more about industry-specific solutions.

There’s more to ERP than financial management

Effective supply chain management for omnichannel businesses in particular is based on the comprehensive management and analysis of the customer purchase path. Predicting customer behaviour has a direct impact on product range management, inventory turnover rate and restocking needs. In addition to financial and human resources management, the system can also steer customers’ omnichannel purchase path as well as the order-delivery chain.

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