Solteq eCar

Customer relationship management in automotive sales

Customer relationship management in automotive sales

An application specifically designed for customer relationship management in automotive sales – supports the automotive sales process from prospecting to purchase and after-sales marketing.

eCar provides a flexible service in the sale of both new and used vehicles

The application includes special features to manage used, imported vehicles.

The application’s numerous electronic interfaces to manufacturers and automotive retail interest groups help ease the seller’s workload and improve customer service. Using versatile search methods, the seller can gather data on customers, sales and events using various criteria. The seller then uses this data to contact potential customers and to market to specific target groups. Integration with Solteq CD ERP guarantees the smooth transfer of customer and vehicle data from one application to another.

Solteq eCar provides sellers with tools for successful trading on their desktop, and doubles as a management system to control and monitor sales performance.

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