Automotive retail industry undergoing major changes

Modern automotive retail industry information systems cover a vehicle’s entire life cycle, including manufacturing, logistics, import, resale and after-sales activities.

A full-service car dealership needs to have a modern, effective and reliable data system.

We provide car dealers with solutions developed to meet the needs and requirements of the automotive retail industry, such as vehicle sales, spare parts and maintenance, management and reporting. Strong application integration among different areas, as well as reliable hardware platforms, makes this solution effective and easy to use. Our solutions also help dealers manage and develop their international operations.

System offers a competitive advantage

A modern car dealership data system covers a vehicle’s entire life cycle, including manufacture, logistics, import, resale and after-sales. The basic system can be expanded with appropriate value-added services, which can be selected by car dealers to support their competitive edge. The system is Internet-based, so dealership personnel do not need to maintain servers or perform maintenance tasks in addition to their own work.

A knowledgeable system supplier also serves as a dealership consultant and advises how to use the system to support and develop business operations. In today’s world, technology isn’t enough – companies that use the right tools and learn to exploit the system’s functionalities are the ones that gain a competitive advantage.

For example, the effective use of the online booking system can help a dealership increase its revenues. The comprehensive data system also makes it easier to focus on work, since it is not necessary to use and maintain several parallel systems.

Car industry goes digital

A large portion of the car industry’s purchasing path has migrated online. For the most part, buyers search for and compare used cars online. Good online visibility helps guarantee business. A centralised used car registry also helps promote digital trade.

In the motor vehicle industry, e-commerce has become more than mere buying and selling: it is a digital tool for understanding and supporting each customer’s service path. E-commerce should be completely integrated into ERP systems. Customers expect service, not just a fancy user interface or a separate purchase channel.

Digitalisation facilitates personalised buyer experiences

In the future, the automotive retail industry will develop in a manner similar to the specialty goods trade, where brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites work together. For example, customers can select and save preferred items on importers’ e-commerce sites. The data system interface ensures that such changes are also saved in the car dealership’s database and the selection can be finalised at the dealership.

Car dealers no longer need to occupy extensive premises and maintain large inventories on the outskirts of cities. In the future, car dealerships will have an ambience similar to that of a flagship smartphone store, where consumers flock to try out the latest products.

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