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Maximise availability, minimise wastage

The customer experience of a shop is built around selection and availability.

Efficient ordering with the help of data

In the field of commerce, the essential aspect of good customer experience is being able to offer the right selection for each instance, to ensure product availability, and leave the customer with a positive experience where they feel acknowledged. At the same time, the company must operate as efficiently as possible and create the prerequisites for profitable business.

Automatic replenishment brings competitive edge

Achieving this balance without the right kind of data utilisation is nearly impossible. Our passion is to create stock replenishment service solutions where analytics is utilised to streamline the company’s ordering process while supporting the preconditions for a positive customer experience. Automated ordering systems enable efficient utilisation of, for example, sales forecasts that take into account seasonal variation, shops’ shelf image data, or the effect of local campaigns.

In addition, we have implemented solutions for the wholesale environment where slightly different aspects are emphasised in order management, such as economic order quantities or various supplier-specific agreements. All these can be taken into account as required in automatic replenishment management.

Analyteq Oy

Analyteq specialises in stock replenishment services based on demand forecasting and an analytics service based on supply chain management, and the company is owned by Solteq Oyj and Tuko Logistics Osuuskunta. Our clientele comprises top-level Finnish retailers and wholesalers. We have been implementing stock replenishment solutions based on sales forecasting since 2011, with excellent results in all types of customer environments.

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Improve the total customer experience
Free time for serving the customers
Goods flow based on actual, realised sales
Minimise product wastage
Utilise analytics to support decision-making

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Tuomas Brunou

Tuomas Brunou

Business Director, Analyteq Oy

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