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Customer engagement begins at the core solution

There is valuable data hidden in the depths of your company’s information system. It is vital to integrate the existing ERP and retail systems with the omnichannel architecture. Competitive edge is achieved by knowing your own core business processes and being able to analyze and, more importantly, utilize the extracted data. This is how you create better and better customer experiences.

Business Operations Advisory

With our extensive industry expertise and system knowledge we can help your business grow in the long term.

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Vast experience in ERP and MDM systems gives us insight to create new while understanding the old.

ERP Solutions

Master Data Management


Stock Replenishment

Business Intelligence

Instore Solutions

Customer service is a seamless part of the path to purchase, whether it starts at the retail store or online.

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LS Nav

LS Nav Hospitality


Solteq Tekso

Life Cycle Support

Our expertise is at your disposal throughout the solution life cycle.

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Utilities sector business solutions

More efficient business processes and engaging digital services for electricity, district heating and water companies.

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Automation improves process transparency

Contemporary ERP systems relieve you of mundane routine tasks previously done by hand. When data is moved within and between systems, it can be tracked and analyzed. This brings about a whole new level of transparency even into the more complicated processes.

Enhance data collection

Boost your legacy system performance with optimized automation and reporting. We have decades of experience on business models, preconditions and requirements. This gives us unique insight to develop an optimal solution tailored for your company.

Ensure service quality

Our software solutions enable you to provide reliable, efficient and outstanding customer service. Our design is based on customer needs and perfected with cutting-edge technology.

Manage the whole

Omnichannel architecture can be quite the maze. We offer the best tools and services to understand and utilize your information system.

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