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Pimp My Delivery

Do you remember that hit series which turned any car into a great ride? In summer holiday mood I applied the format to one of the most important areas of commerce.

Juha Luomala
Trends in commerce No growth without user-friendliness


Trends in commerce: No growth without user-friendliness

Mary Meeker has once again taken stock of the state of the Internet. The largest surprise is that there’s not a word about cat videos this year, either. The study focuses on big trends, many of which are directly reflected in commerce, and consumers must be offered service that is easy and effortless to use. One […]

The pop-up store an innovation from 1455


The pop-up store: an innovation from 1455

It is often said that retail structures keep changing and have done so for centuries. Online shopping increases sales, changes the face of commerce and brings in global customers to any location. Indeed, that is the case. Recently I’ve tried to think of sectors and retail structures where change has been different or even quite […]

Repe Harmanen


Which system is right for my business?

Does technology rule the business world?  We know that seamless IT systems give businesses the needed competitive edge. How to choose the best system for your business? It is easy to buy minor applications to satisfy the needs of one stakeholder group. You can even evaluate the suitability of software by discussing it with the […]

Aki Korpua
Big data, small data, sour data


Big data, small data, sour data

Digitalisation: a slightly annoying word, but an unavoidable phenomenon. It’s a foregone conclusion: in this digital world, the active fuel and result of interaction is data. Volume: because of digitalisation, the quantity of data keeps growing at a phenomenal rate. Quality: there’s no lack of quantity; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for quality. And […]

Janne Huovilainen


The 7 deadly sins of digital commerce development

Consultants are supposed to present solutions to problems. In my previous blog post, I discussed 10 best methods to develop digital commerce. Shortly after that post, readers started asking for the worst methods and practises. In this post, I call them the seven deadly sins of digital commerce development, even though only a few of […]

Juha Luomala


Solteq is now a LS Retail Diamond Partner 2016

Solteq is pleased to announce that it has attained Diamond Partner status in the LS Retail Partner Program for 2016. LS Retail Diamond Partners have reached the highest level in their industry by virtue of their sales achievements. This elite group must consistently provide customers with excellent service and support and satisfy strict criteria in […]



How Bridging the Gap between Technology and Customer Needs Could Spell Success for Companies

Customer experience is about bridging critical gaps between digital elements and the real world. From Design to Reality “The gap between the real world and IT Solutions is huge and the one who is able to bridge this gap to match business critical user needs wins the game,” says Solteq’s Client Executive Bengt Holmberg. He identified […]


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Solteq and Heads partner up to provide real-time retail solutions

Solteq has signed a Partner Agreement with Heads, a Swedish software company that provides real-time retail and supply chain management solutions that include in-store and POS solutions. Solteq has a wide presence in the Finnish market with over 3 000 stores and close to 10 000 POS applications installed. The Heads Retail solution complements Solteq’s offering […]



The way it always should have been – major updates to Microsoft ERP

Traditional ERP is undergoing a transformation – commonplace in many other solutions – but what an update! I had the opportunity to get to know Microsoft’s latest flagship ERP product at the Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference 2016 in Seattle. I was greatly impressed by what I saw: one of the biggest updates in the history of ERP. The following […]

Karl Nyman

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