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Ecommerce STHLM 10-11.5.2017

The annual E-commerce event in Stockholm just got better. The event is one of the largest digital commerce events in the Nordics and a wide range of experts will be presenting on the stage. Come and hear inspiring keynotes from: Anna Ström (Microsoft), Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay), Mårten Barkman (Facebook) and more. This is […]



The 6-point checklist to get your omnichannel service model in shape

Consumers need customer-centric ease of doing business, especially after they make a purchase. If a firm invests in its omnichannel service, it should also fare well in international competition. Have you ever run into the same issue I have? I bought a pair of shoes from an international online store but they didn’t fit, so […]

Juha Luomala

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Analyteq Oy becomes part of the Solteq family: Product replenishment analytics to support digital commerce solutions

When Solteq announced that the company was acquiring a majority shareholding of Analyteq Oy, this caused immediate interest and reflective murmurings among employees. At that point, the new owner’s intentions were probably of concern to many, because the acquisition took everyone by surprise. Now that the dust has settled somewhat and the acquisition has been […]

Tuomas Brunou

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The value of a well-being strategy becomes visible on Tuesday

What does group exercise breaks have in common with Jarmo’s recreational floorball games, Risto biking to work, #solteqmove hashtag and lying on a massage table? They all represent enjoyable moments. But the truly essential point lies in the background.

Win the game with Magento ecommerce solution


Magento expansion: Customer defines your future playing field

The trade sector is undergoing a major transformation in which business must be viewed from the perspective of a seamless customer experience. Constantly. This rationale is behind expansion of our services with a Magento solution.

Sirkku Jauhiainen


Come visit us at the D-Congress on the 9th of March in Gothenburg

Once again we are a partner and exhibitor at the D-Congress that is held at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg. Come and meet our  IBM, LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts at our exhibition stand. Are you a company that needs a turnkey e-commerce platform to quickly enter the market? Or are […]



Retail Day in Stockholm 8.3.2017

Welcome to the RETAIL day the 8th of March together with us at APONSA/SOLTEQ. A day when you will get to know more about us and about what LS Retail and NAV has to offer as well as the news that is relevant for the Swedish market. There have been a lot of positive changes in the past six […]


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Generation Z and the art of commerce

Was I wrong after all? When the first members of the Generation Z were born around the mid-1990s, those of us at university examined and contemplated the future impact of electronic commerce. Young, and perhaps a little idealistic, we were certain value chains would shorten, new players would dominate the market and buying would migrate […]

Juha Luomala
Commerce is changing – are you ready


Commerce is changing – are you ready?

Recent news reports reveal that signs declaring, ‘Jesus is coming. Are you ready?’ have been removed from roadsides because they seem threatening to passers-by. Because I had already become so used to them, they caused me no real alarm. Are you aware of another major force for change from which even commerce is not immune? […]

Kirsi Jalasaho
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Developer Blog: Peek behind the curtain of software development

In our recently launched Developer Blog, we share information about practical technical solutions and new trends in software development. Open dialogue is key to progress.