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Profile: Juha Särkinen

Descom's Portal Solutions team implements online services and virtual desktops to accelerate the customer's business. These include intranet, extranet, and Internet services, as well as social media tools for both internal and external use. Juha Särkinen has started in his new job as a team leader of Portal Solutions.

Karl Filtness


New office in Sweden

We have expanded our operations to Sweden this year. Country Director Tero Junttila has worked in our new office in Stockholm since the beginning of February. Sales Manager Bengt Holmberg joined Tero in August.

Karl Filtness


Starkki opens online store, accelerated by cloud service

Starkki opened a new online store in June. Customers are able to order season-related products online from Starkki’s garden store. Descom took part in developing the online store concept as well as in carrying out the solution. Descom provides the online store as a cloud service.

Karl Filtness


Prisma opens online store

The Finnish hypermarket chain Prisma launched an online store for household goods on Saturday, August 11. Prisma’s parent company S Group has previously opened two other online stores in Finland: the Sokos online beauty shop and the Kodin Terra online hardware store.

Karl Filtness


Queen of the Mountain

Namaste! In April and May of this year, I spent almost a month trekking and climbing in the Himalayas. The idea sprang from my passion for mountains and a desire to brush up on my old Scout memories. The trip was a true breakaway from my hectic daily life: for example, my phone didn’t work in the rugged mountains.

Milla Kingelin


Getting Smarter in Madrid

To start, I must confess that I’m usually quite skeptical about seminars and conferences. My job makes me a large-scale consumer of events, and unfortunately they often have very little substance to offer.



Impact: Meet the Suits and Nerds

Before the Impact event, I read from somewhere: “Come to Impact 2012 and meet all the suits and nerds.” On the way to Las Vegas, I couldn’t help but wonder which group I belonged to.



Courage in the daily life of a CEO

Our company value of the month is courage. We have defined the value with these phrases: I can do even better; I have the courage to admit problems; I have the courage to take the bull by the horns. But how is this seen in my daily work as CEO?

Juha Harju


Trust has to be earned every day

“The personnel of the best companies trust their managers, feel pride in what they do, and enjoy working with their colleagues.” This is how Great Place to Work® Institute defines a good workplace.

Minna Liminka


In which a consultant’s faith is reinvigorated

Sometimes human beings are forced to evaluate the direction they have taken. For me, personally, this happened last week at the annual IBM Lotusphere conference.

Janne Huovilainen

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