We are pursuing growth in international markets

14.10.2014 -

We at Descom are aiming to strengthen our organization in Sweden and Poland as well as in Finland.

We have provided solutions for K-rauta AB that will position the hardware chain to become the leading digital store in its field. We’ve also signed an important framework agreement with a large Swedish corporation to provide eCommerce solutions as well as a service package that will improve their omnichannel sales and customer experience.

“We have provided Finnish companies with eCommerce and omnichannel business solutions that are very large on a European scale. In addition to technological expertise, we also have first-class digital marketing skills. We build services that allow companies to offer their customers high quality and seamless customer experiences in digital and traditional channels,” says Konsta Saarela, Vice President of International Sales. “We are more determined than ever to internationalize and to create a Finnish success story.”

We have grown through acquisitions, mergers, and recruitment to become the largest in our field in the Nordics. In addition to our offices in Finland, we have hired consultants for our office in Stockholm, where we have so far served mainly Finnish companies operating in Sweden, such as K-rauta.

“We have invested in providing service locally and we want to be close to our clients. Sweden is a very promising market and we’ve already signed our first important framework agreement with a Swedish company,” Saarela adds. “We also have a good reputation in Sweden, where IBM is supporting our growth. We are determined to pursue growth in Sweden by working with major clients.”

The Nordics’ best known in 2017

Our aim is to become the most reputable marketing and technology provider in the Nordics by the year 2017.

“Our production team in Poland will grow to become a 30-person organization by 2015,” Saarela predicts. “Our clients will purchase not just technology, but also our expertise in business transformation projects. Companies that invest in omnichannel services – such as retailers and wholesalers, both in consumer and industrial sectors – will be the success stories of the future. We are actively following international markets as well as the internationalization needs of our existing clients in the Nordics and Russia.”

As an IBM partner we have been building a range of cloud services since 2011 and we also provide eCommerce solutions as a cloud service. “IBM’s strategy is to sell cloud services through its partners,” Saarela says. “Our cloud services, which are built on IBM technology and based on best practices, continuous development, and rapid implementation, will guarantee our clients a significant competitive edge in a challenging market.”



Konsta Saarela,
Vice President, International Sales and Development,
puh. +358 400 250 716,

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