The world-famous cosmetics and lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret in partnership with Agora Trading is taking over Finland, assisted by Solteq

2.3.2016 -

Solteq is helping the world-renowned cosmetics and lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret to take over Finland by implementing the deployment of the stores’ technology solutions through its local partner Agora Trading. Finland’s first Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories store was opened on schedule at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in July.

“We had a very tight schedule”, says Ioannis Pallis IT Director from Agora Trading. “We wanted a partner that was able to operate in a flexible and professional manner in a tight schedule. Solteq met the challenge. The project progressed smoothly and we opened the store on schedule. There has been quite a hustle and bustle in the store right from the beginning”, Ioannis Pallis continues smiling.

For Victoria’s Secret, It is important that customers are served fluently from the very beginning. An airport is not an ordinary customer service environment. The customers may be in a great hurry, and passengers often have many different currencies in their wallets. The payment transaction must also take place fast in different currencies.  Everything must work smoothly in the back office to create a good customer experience for the person visiting the store.

Solteq’s Client Retail & Hospitality Services Director Tuula Savolainen explains: ”We provided the store with pre-installed LS NAV cash register system that supports the overall business operations of the store chain and with back office workstations and ensured the functionality of the POS terminals.”

”We have ongoing LS NAV based projects that have altogether almost one thousand POS terminals. We provide our clients with integrated overall service that allows them to concentrate on their own customers and customer service”, Savolainen continues.

Victoria’s Secret continues to expand in Finland. “Our second store opened at the Forum shopping centre in Helsinki in November, and we are currently evaluating opportunities for further developing our store network in Finland. “, Ioannis Pallis says.

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