Solteq and Heads partner up to provide real-time retail solutions

29.3.2016 -

Solteq has signed a Partner Agreement with Heads, a Swedish software company that provides real-time retail and supply chain management solutions that include in-store and POS solutions.

Solteq has a wide presence in the Finnish market with over 3 000 stores and close to 10 000 POS applications installed.

The Heads Retail solution complements Solteq’s offering by providing a totally new view on how to manage retail operations in the current and future omni-channel world. The in-memory based real-time data empowers retailers to base all of their decisions on accurate and relevant data. Precise, correct and automated orders can be created at the right time based on historical data and the exact current situation. It is even possible to add information about lead times and projected sales to create accurate order estimates. The re-supply of goods between stores and central warehouse can be fully automated, which provides significant cost benefits.

Using the solution, a retailer can use the store inventories as a virtual stock for their online stores, and it also grants a view to the central warehouse stock values.

The solution is modular, meaning that the built-in ERP and warehouse management solution (WMS) can be replaced with the retailer’s existing ERP, like SAP’s or Microsoft’s solutions. Financial accounting and book keeping capabilities are excluded from the ERP functionality.

Retailers can run in-built vertical features for grocery, specialty, fashion, wholesale, electronics and department store by parametering the usage.

“We are extremely happy to engage with Heads”, says Tiina Honkiniemi Solteq’s VP of Client Technologies. “This co-operation starts a new era for the Finnish market – real-time data based on in-memory ERP is something that only SAP has introduced earlier. Now we are able to offer the same concept to mid-size customers, which is unique. There has been a lot of interest from our existing customers, as well as new prospects, and we hope to sign the first contracts soon.”

”We are really pleased, having been selected by Solteq for their prime retail market. As a vendor of a state-of-the art solution, it is vital for our success to cooperate with a solid and agile delivery organisation, as Solteq. In the matter of fact, they are hard to find. If I may wish, Solteq would be an ideal partner also in Sweden if they would decide to enter that market” says Björn Mattsson CEO, Heads Svenska AB.

Solteq will be the main contractor and supplier to the customers. This includes managing the project services, integration, call center & help desk services as well as the localization of the solution. The Partner Agreement also allows Solteq to participate in the solution development and maintenance together with Heads. This enables fast and agile development under one single versioning. This enables all clients to have the newest and same version all the time.

The solution is specially designed for retail usage. All the views to the system are always in real-time and designed for the specific role. The solution is very easy to use and the user can operate in a single view giving all the necessary information for this user instead of opening a series of windows.

The built-in retail pre-parametering, enhanced with best practices, enables a fast implementation that saves time and money. The architecture is fully centralised, and conventional store servers are not needed. The POS is still able to operate in offline mode. The solution can be combined with Solteq’s hosting services and this enables an easy and fast built up of the Headquarter modules. As an alternative, an in-house hosting model is supported as well, which bring flexibility to various customer needs.


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