Solteq and Descom to create a provider for integrated digital commerce services

17.6.2015 -

Through the transaction, Solteq and Descom actively implement their strategy. For the companies, which aim at being a leading provider of digital commerce services in Finland and the Nordic countries, the transaction will provide a good starting point for speeding up the implementation of their strategy.

The solution and service offerings of the two companies complement each other in an excellent manner, and no overlapping has been detected in their offerings. Consequently, the company resulting from the transaction will be able to offer an excellent overall offering to their current and new clients. Until now, the companies have served the same clients in various projects that have complemented each other. As the companies have also had several client groups with which one of them has not actively conducted business, the transaction will offer an opportunity to deliver integrated solutions to a wider clientele than before. For the clients, the transaction will bring benefits in the form of a clearer and wider overall offering. On the other hand, the company will be able to offer the customers of its clients better services and thereby contribute to their success.

Solteq and Descom – Modern Digital Commerce Solutions from Descom


By combining their operations, Solteq and Descom will be able to make significant improvements to their international operations. The materialization of the transaction means that the offices in Finland and in Sweden, Poland and Denmark will be able to expand the solution offering to the Nordic market and at the same time utilize the efficiency of the Polish subsidiary’s nearshore operations in software production.

The benefits of the transaction include a significant synergy potential for developing new digital commerce solutions. For the personnel, the transaction will open important new opportunities to develop into top experts in their competence areas, acting as digital commerce experts in Finland and in the other Nordic countries.

After the completion of transaction, the company will create a new overall strategy and specify it in further detail in autumn 2015. The strategic cornerstones will be profitability, growth and the creation of the best provider of digital commerce services in the Nordic market for the benefit of its clients, owners and personnel.

Read more about the details in Solteq’s official press release.

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