Outstanding customer experience is becoming an essential competitive advantage

18.8.2014 -

Descom is pleased to announce an important investment in customer experience development with the appointment of Jutta Nyblom as Director of Customer Experience.

Our customer experience development services are based on interactivity and ongoing development and under Jutta’s leadership we aim to integrate these services with our existing range.

Jutta Nyblom has a Master of Science degree in Technology and has previously worked at Idean Enterprises, where she was responsible for industrial user experience design services.

“Outstanding customer experiences will become an increasingly vital competitive advantage, and achieving that requires systematic development work. Jutta’s extensive experience in user-centered services and business models will strengthen our customers as well as our business,” said our CEO Juha Harju.

“As a leader in its field, Descom offers an excellent opportunity to be part of building services that strengthen customer experiences and create new customer journeys for our clients’ omnichannel environments. Businesses can achieve a significant competitive advantage by offering their customers high-quality customer experiences. This requires stepping into customers’ shoes and engaging in close dialog with them,” Jutta commented.

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Building brands with online services

“We’re living in transformative times where digital channels and digital encounters are becoming an increasingly important part of service businesses. Industrial services are being augmented and in some cases entirely replaced with digital services. In the retail sector digital channels are increasingly becoming an integral part of the service package,” Jutta added.

“When we plan online services we have to think about their role in the entire service package. User interfaces also have a significant role as an ambassador of the brand: they provide an extraordinary opportunity to reinforce the brand. Still, we need a strong and effective user interface as well as logic that supports the user.”

Jutta will lead a design team focusing on customer experience and she will be responsible for integrating customer experience planning services and related metrics with implemented services.

“Our service design work focuses on digital interfaces. In the retail sector it’s important that the services speak the language of the brand. In industrial services clarity and efficiency introduce cost-effectiveness and quality to operations. What all industries have in common is that they aim to offer services based on the customers’ view. Our mission is to create the right conditions for experiences that are difficult to duplicate and which provide a real competitive advantage,” Jutta said. “To do that we want the best talent on the market.”

Press contacts:

Juha Harju
Mobile: +358 50 440 8008
Email: juha.harju@descom.fi

Jutta Nyblom
Director, Customer Experience
Mobile: +358 40 538 8430
Email: jutta.nyblom@descom.fi

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