Descom to become Northern Europe's leading omnichannel sales advisor

10.3.2015 -

Omnichannel expertise has been one of Descom’s key strengths for a long time. Our knowledge base is extensive and diverse, and we have gained valuable insights from our experiences. We are revamping our top-tier specialist and consulting services by establishing a new team to serve our customers as they develop their omnichannel business operations.

Customers can now rely on a single partner to provide genuine support for their omnichannel transformation processes. Our goal is to be the best-known omnichannel advisor in Northern Europe.

Our customers have also been looking forward to this development. Developing omnichannel capabilities is a great deal more than an IT project. It centers on the customer journey and a life cycle orientation. Building omnichannel operations is a journey, not a project.

We begin that journey with the customer’s vision – in other words how the customer wants to be seen in every channel and at every touchpoint. We look at the big picture to determine how to get there and what steps the customer needs to take to get there. In this way we create a total concept that forms the basis for an assessment of development needs from the perspectives of technology, business processes, and personnel expertise.

We use the long-term journey to chart a roadmap that incorporates profitability and payback potential. This provides customers with a financially sound plan that adapts each development phase to business case calculations and agreed metrics. We also help our customers to manage and execute this transformation process.

Additional information is available from:

Juha Luomala
Executive Consultant
+358 50 539 9323

Pekka Malmirae
Omnichannel Business Advisor
+358 40 538 4249

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