Descom merges with Estime

2.12.2013 -

Descom purchased the online marketing specialist company Estime in June. At the turn of the year, Estime will merge into Descom.

Descom purchased the online marketing specialist company Estime in June. At the turn of the year, Estime will merge into Descom.

Behind the merger is a market megatrend. Marketing and IT have grown more connected to each other as marketing has become more technological through analytics and the increased use of the internet.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, as well as conversion development all combine smoothly with Descom’s existing services, such as smarter commerce and marketing, and cloud services.

“The purpose of the merger is to make it easier to purchase online services, as all the necessary services come from the same provider. Our online store customers have been genuinely interested in this,” says Descom’s CEO Juha Harju.

Estime’s present CEO Tomi Halonen will start work as Director of Descom Online Marketing & Analytics on 1 January 2014.

“Our employees are excited about Descom’s technologies and customer relationships. This also opens up new career opportunities and provides a vantage point into the most advanced online store practices,” says Tomi Halonen.

Additional information:
Juha Harju,
CEO, Descom Oy
+358 50 440 8008
juha.harju ( at )

Tomi Halonen
CEO, Estime Oy
+358 400 478 838
tomi.halonen ( at )

Descom is an IT service provider that helps its customers to turn change into success. Together with our customers, we build growth, competitiveness, and change capability. We are small enough to really listen, and large enough to carry responsibility. In 2012, our turnover was 38.3 million euros. We have over 200 employees in Sweden, Finland and Poland. Descom was established in 1997 and is part of the Descom Group. The Descom Group’s main owner is Sentica Partners, a Finnish private equity company.

Estime is a Finnish company specialized in search engine and online marketing. In addition, Estime also focuses on analytics and improving conversion rates. It was established in Helsinki in 2003. Estime’s revenue was around 5 million euros in 2012. It has over 20 employees. Estime’s mission is to help its customers improve their eBusiness performance.

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Karl Filtness

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