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Customer experience lies on the bottom line of the most profitable companies – ours too!

28.5.2015 -

Digitalization has continued its quiet advance over the past ten years. Driven by the development of the internet, a dizzying increase in data, connection speeds, and the mobile revolution, it has become part of our everyday lives.

Digitalization offers businesses two great opportunities. It can be used to make operations more efficient and cost-effective. At the same time it opens up completely new business opportunities that have not been previously available.

Companies are now faced with a new dilemma: either they board the digitalization train or they wither and die. Companies have woken up and are investing heavily in omnichannel commerce and customer experience. Trailblazers are jumping aboard voluntarily while those who lag behind are being forced on board.

Our customers are on the frontline of digitalization. They’ve come to understand that customer experience offers a competitive edge, because it’s everywhere.

A prime example is the homegrown fast food chain Kotipizza. They have developed customer experience using their unique eCommerce site. It works online on all devices, including mobile, but is also seamlessly connected to their brick-and-mortar outlets. The result is a buying experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Our customers have chosen to partner with us because we have powerful references and our team members possess unique skills. But above all we have the passion to surpass our customers’ expectations. With years of learning behind us, we understand fully what is required of us. Customers choose us when they want to get ahead quickly. Instead of endless planning we focus on getting things done.

This is evident in the strong growth we’ve seen since the beginning of the year. Sales in our service operations grew by nearly 30% during the first quarter of the year compared to the same time last year. Of course new talent is needed to help ensure growth. So we have recruited more than 30 new Descom team members this year alone. However, we will continue to need new experts and we have many openings available.

What’s most gratifying is that our expertise is also well-known outside of Finland. This year up to 15% of sales in our service operations came from exports, and in the future that pace will accelerate. It’s fantastic to see that there is demand for Finnish know-how on the international market,” says Descom CEO Juha Harju.

Our focal points are omnichannel commerce and customer experience, and our customers are also investing heavily in those areas. Those investments are made in technology as well as processes and the people needed to make this change. Over the next five years the market will be worth 500 million euros in Finland and up to 1.3 billion in Sweden. We are therefore heading in the right direction and the future looks bright.

Like our clients, we believe that customer experience lies on the bottom line of the most profitable companies. And that’s what we’ll continue to provide.

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