B2B eCommerce survey: focus on consumerization and omnichannel services

4.12.2014 -

Consumer eCommerce sites are highly visible today, but not much attention has been paid to B2B eCommerce. Descom’s study sought to identify the current challenges faced by B2B eCommerce providers. Some 84 decision-makers responsible for eCommerce development were interviewed for the research.

The study indicated that the most critical development needs include omnichannel management, enhancement of customer experience, and utilizing customer profiles and purchasing histories. These issues have already been at the forefront of B2C eCommerce for several years. Now the consumerization of B2B eCommerce is seeing a period of rapid growth in Finland.

Consumerization means that an online service is built in such a way as to provide functionalities that genuinely simplify consumers’ everyday routines. Professional buyers want the same features that they have become used to as consumers – so eCommerce sites need to be easy-to-use and intuitive. Omnichannel services are essential and customer experiences should be equally high-quality and effortless in all channels.

eBusiness decisions from IT to business teams

eBusiness decisionsOne of the major insights provided by the survey was that eBusiness management has increasingly transitioned into the realm of business management. No less than 62% of respondents said that in their organization eBusiness development projects are being led by business teams. In 13% of organizations they were being managed by IT and development teams. This means that eCommerce is being seen as a facilitator of new business operations and no longer as a process automator and a cost-cutting tool.

The study can be found in the attachment, where you can read about the results and the sectoral differences.

Descom’s Director of Omnichannel Commerce Pekka Malmirae provides a more detailed analysis of the findings.


Pekka Malmirae
Director, Omnichannel Commerce
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