Retail Day in Stockholm 8.3.2017

21.2.2017 -

Welcome to the RETAIL day the 8th of March together with us at APONSA/SOLTEQ. A day when you will get to know more about us and about what LS Retail and NAV has to offer as well as the news that is relevant for the Swedish market.

There have been a lot of positive changes in the past six months for us at Aponsa AB. We have become a part of Solteq Oyj. We would therefore like to invite you and a colleague to our RETAIL day to get the opportunity to meet you and to introduce us a little bit more.

During this day, we will have several interesting presentations. You will, among other things, meet with representatives from LS Retail and some of our existing customers.

We start the morning at 9.00  (gathering from 8.30) and end the day around 15.00. We offer lunch and coffee during the breaks.


09.00 Mikael Sjöqvist, Country Manager Sweden, Aponsa/Solteq.
Welcome words.
09.15 Annika Mesimäki, Managing Director Kuudes Stockholm, Erika Tanos, Innovation Anthropologist, Founder and CEO, Curiosity Shop AB
Discover the trends that transform the way we live and consume — insights from the Swedish Informed Consumer study by Kuudes.

10.00 Coffee break

10.15 Ilkka Brander, VP Solteq
Nordic Retail Business from a Solteq perspective.
10.45 Sveinn Aki Ludviksson, LS Retail,
LSR Iceland and Worldwide – Trends and development

11.30 LUNCH

12.15 Aslaug Gudjonsdottir, LS Retail
Demo of LS/NAV 2017 with focus on the modern functionality
13.45 Questions

14.00 Coffee break

14.15 Morgan Wirestam, Business Manager, Colorama.
Customer reference.
14.30 Customer reference
14.45  Mikael Sjöqvist ending the day!

The languages of the event will be a mix of Swedish and English. Last day for registration: 2/25/2017. We are located at CONVENDUM, Vasagatan 16, Stockholmour office in Stockholm. 

We really look forward to see you at this interesting day!

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