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22.12.2016 -

In our recently launched Developer Blog, we share information about practical technical solutions and new trends in software development. Open dialogue is key to progress.

Our blog posts are drawn from software designers working in different teams in Solteq. They describe the day-to-day challenges and their respective solutions, not sparing any technical details. Whether it’s a question of the latest CSS tricks, Design patterns or the best Pull Request workflow for GitHub, you’ll find it in this blog. Our particular aim is to unwrap practical field-tested solutions and make them accessible to our readers, so they can adapt them to their own application projects.

Openness as a driver

From the perspective of a technology development, open dialogue on best practices among different players benefits the entire software industry. Inspiration for Solteq solutions often comes from the open source code communities.

We want to do our share to help create information: even the smallest streams can, together, make a great river. Discourse gives rise to value, information, ideas and networks – in short, it guides future software development. It gave birth to the idea of a blog where writers could also delve into technical details.

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If you want to know what goes on behind the scenes in the software industry or if you want to get tips for your own projects, you should definitely add the Solteq Developer Blog to your reading list.

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