Your landing pages may have cost a million euros – but do they work?

28.11.2014 -

Last week I was discussing a client’s new website. “We can't afford to test the pages and make changes to them. The update is done now and we’ve used all our budget,” the client said.

It wasn’t the first time that a customer notices that their brand-new website hadn’t brought the desired results. That’s why it’s always worth devoting some time and resources to test a new online service with the right audience. The  Econsultancyn Conversion Rate Optimization study states the same.

Use these ten quick tips to make sure that your website works the way you to want it to.

1. Every page must have a purpose

Every important landing page must have a concrete objective, whether it’s to sell, receive contact requests, or even allow users to download an app. What problem will the page solve for your visitors? Focus content on one item and create a complete and attractive page.

2. Take your visitors directly to the relevant page rather than the home page

A company’s home page is often full of many different messages, but a visitor usually has only one objective. To improve conversion rates, direct visitors straight to the right page via links, ads, or text. Think simply: one goal – one message – one action.

3. Use a clear and precise headline to get your message across

The main headline is the most important element of a page. Run a quick visual test on your pages: squint your eyes and quickly glance at the page. Does it grab your attention and make you want to find out more? Would you even pay for more information? If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.

4. Divide your audience and communicate clearly with everyone

If you are offering different products to different groups, make a separate landing page for each audience segment. Use advertisements and navigation to direct traffic to the right page using the right messages. You can’t sell everything to everyone. Focusing on smaller segments will ensure that you’re better able to sell your products. Modern technologies also allow you to create a landing page that will offer different content depending on previously visited pages or a specific ad the visitor has clicked.

5. You need several call-to-action buttons

Not everyone works the same way. Spontaneous decision-makers should be provided with a “click to buy” button early on, preferably right after the first paragraph. They don’t want to read any further down the page. More analytical buyers need more product information, so the call-to-action button should come after this section. Those who need to rationalize buying decisions want to read all the available product information as well as reviews, so a call to action should only come after all this content. This means you should have several calls to action on the same page.

6. Include product reviews or celebrity endorsements

Reviews from other visitors can be the most convincing argument for or against purchasing your product. It’s always worthwhile to post product reviews on your website. If most of the reviews are positive, a few sour notes shouldn’t be a problem. Authentic celebrity endorsements can reduce any resistance to buying to a minimum.

7. Use video

Video is becoming an increasingly useful tool for websites. It can be used to demonstrate how to use a product in real life or how a customer may have benefited from it. Video is also essential for product perception and confidence building.

8. Eliminate distractions

It’s important to clear landing pages of any elements that may distract users’ attention from page content. Advertisements and very flashy graphical elements can drive visitors away from web pages and significantly reduce conversion rates. Use sufficient time and the right tools to de-clutter web pages. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions.

9. Remember mobile and tablet users

One third of all online traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices. How important is the role of mobile traffic in your business? You can direct traffic to responsive pages or attract mobile users to your site via a separate application.

10. Test the functionality of your landing pages

Using analytics to validate page functionality and testing a new site helps you choose the most suitable of the options outlined above. Conversion testing and optimization is the most efficient way to increase sales. It also enhances customer experience.

Juha Vuohelainen

Juha Vuohelainen

As a Senior Consultant in web marketing I work closely with customers’ marketing officers and I really enjoy seeing the results presented in customer projects. Web marketing has developed from separate online campaigns to strategic long-term customer communication, which requires full commitment of CXOs in the company. The best results are gained through co-operation with companies that challenge you and have deeper understanding of online business. That is why I enjoy training and delivering up-to-date information to my customers.

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