The secret recipes of web analytics

21.8.2014 -

Successful companies keep their business goals in sharp focus and leadership is supported by information. Competitors can be conquered through the use of analytics with results that are easily understandable.

Web strategies should be revisited every six months.

One striking phenomenon in Finland is that we storm ahead with the same game plan, year after year. Next year’s goals and strategies are copied from the previous year and updated with what we believe to be the appropriate variables. However, the laws of the internet change so rapidly that we must dare to break away from tradition.

You can forecast future purchasing behavior with predictive analytics.

Data-based modeling can also help you to anticipate marketing investments more accurately. This makes it easier to listen to the environmental changes taking place. Is your company’s management listening to the changing environment and taking it on board?

Customer experience is a competitive advantage.

In the past, online shopping was less complicated: customers arrived at a home page and looked through the selection to find the right product group and product. In a constantly changing world these traditional approaches to purchasing can even become an obstacle to success. In reality a customer can arrive at an online store via thousands of different routes and using many different types of devices. Customer experiences are based on imagination, encounters, service, and satisfying personal needs. As such, the service experience is different for each individual.

Purchasing should be fun, and not a struggle with technical and sales limitations.

Web analytics and customer service help us identify service bottlenecks, implement corrective actions in order of priority and test new service models. The best will succeed while the mediocre will lag behind. An example of enjoyable and varied ways to buy can be found at, where you can choose the color of your headphones to match your style.

Mobilize information to develop concrete organizational procedures.

You’re on your way to success when you know what your different target customer groups want, how to attract customers and what factors will affect your results. The rest is hard work. Almost every online service uses some kind of analytics software. However, in practical customer service work I’ve noticed that 85 percent of companies don’t make use of analytics information to improve their marketing and profitability.

The most important goals and metrics remain vague, measurement processes aren’t planned and responsibilities aren’t assigned. Information isn’t processed into a comprehensible and useful format. Analysis shouldn’t be the responsibility of a single individual. Information should be mobilized for concrete action throughout the entire organization.

Web analytics is a business tool that delivers results and improves competitiveness, and which remains unexploited by many business leaders.

Juha Vuohelainen

Juha Vuohelainen

As a Senior Consultant in web marketing I work closely with customers’ marketing officers and I really enjoy seeing the results presented in customer projects. Web marketing has developed from separate online campaigns to strategic long-term customer communication, which requires full commitment of CXOs in the company. The best results are gained through co-operation with companies that challenge you and have deeper understanding of online business. That is why I enjoy training and delivering up-to-date information to my customers.

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