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In which a consultant’s faith is reinvigorated

Sometimes human beings are forced to evaluate the direction they have taken. For me, personally, this happened last week at the annual IBM Lotusphere conference.

Janne Huovilainen


Aim high

We are currently working on new service management development plans at Descom. To find ideas in support of our development, and to learn about the field's latest trends, I attended the itSMF UK 2011 conference in London, organized by the IT Service Management Forum.



Exceptional web experiences in Berlin

IBM's annual portal conference was organized this year in Berlin under the title IBM Exceptional Web Experience 2011. The event, once again, succeeded in setting, both the pace, and the direction for developing the web experience. We came home with very little energy, but fully loaded with new information and ideas.

Pekka Malmirae


Responsibility – what is it?

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a seminar called Strength from Responsible Choices in Jyväskylä. The seminar was well organized and full of interesting speakers, including Mr. Al Gore. But I was more inspired by the Finnish speakers, presidential candidate and former minister Sauli Niinistö in particular.

Juha Harju


Don’t you know who I am?

Have you ever heard that question before? Have you ever seen frustrated customers stamp their feet in a store, demanding to be served? At the beginning of my career, I was in the clothing business and witnessed such incidents at the shop floor level. That brings back some memories.

Juha Luomala


It is our job to make our customers smile!

Time after time our customers commend us for our excellent customer service, our genuine desire to help combined with superior expertise in the industry, the solution area, or the technology we use. Last week I attended a steering group that develops our cooperation with one of our customers.

Pekka Malmirae


Accurate product information helps me to buy what I need

If I go to, say, a sporting goods store down the street, I want to touch the product I am about to buy. At the store, I often compare the item to another similar product. A salesperson walks up at some point, tells me more about the products and makes it easier for me to choose the right one. When they offer what I need, I decide to buy it.

Jussi Korhonen


360 degrees of Smarter Commerce

The concept that has influenced my thinking the most this year as an application architect is Smarter Commerce – one of the IBM Impact 2011 event themes. We have entered the era of empowered customers. Regardless of media, sales channel, or use case, customers are conscious, their expectations high, and their needs clear.

Matti Suomalainen


The Excel Man

“I have lots of ideas and I want to develop new ways of working in my current job, because that way I can rationalize my work, and it would also bring savings in the long run. But then the Excel Man always comes and asks how much those ideas of mine will create savings right now.” These are the words of a well-qualified job applicant who had been discouraged by bureaucracy.

Minna Liminka


Positive Feedback – That Wonderful Feeling

In recent weeks, we have paid special attention to giving feedback in our work community. But how difficult this is for us Finns. It seems to me that, particularly in the IT sector, we have excelled in the area of positive feedback – by forgetting entirely to give it.

Juha Harju

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