IBM WebSphere Commerce audit – the definitive guide

IBM WebSphere Commerce health check – the definitive guide

10.8.2015 -

WebSphere Commerce is a leading platform for building online stores. It offers a lot of appealing features that allow businesses to launch their online stores quickly. WebSphere Commerce is a powerful platform, but unleashing these powers requires a skillful implementation combined with regular maintenance.

The platform is very flexible and can be customized to meet almost every business requirement. Flexibility and agility have a lot of attractive qualities that will allow your business to grow. By using implementation best practices you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Possible reasons for a health check

E-Commerce managers and their teams are very rarely skilled in WebSphere Commerce implementations. They can’t judge if the ordered solution has been implemented correctly.

However, there are symptoms that can tell, if something is not going as intended:

Each of the symptoms can become very expensive. They will have a negative impact on the project or running online store if they are ignored and go unaddressed appropriately.

Beside implementation issues, eCommerce managers are also interested in knowing the system capabilities of meeting specified non-functional requirements. For example:

Do I need a health check?

Consider a WebSphere Commerce health check, if


What is the best time for a health check?

After the design phase

A WebSphere Commerce project health check can start as early as after the design phase in order to have confidence that the technical design covers all important aspects of the desired solution. This time is well suited for a health check, because changes in the technical design are not expensive, but wrong design decisions may turn out to be very expensive.

This approach is highly recommended if the implementation team does not have a proven track record in WebSphere Commerce projects.

After a major development phase

Another good opportunity to order a health check is a moment when a major part of development is ready. The auditor can examine:

When it is live and running

If your live and running environment has concerns or bad symptoms, a health check could be a good solution. If the implementation team cannot resolve the problems, contact a reviewer to investigate issues and to express his opinion about them.

Some eCommerce managers order live systems health checks even if things are going smoothly. They simply want to double check that their systems are healthy and that their technical team did not overlook anything that might have a negative impact on their site.

Who should conduct the health check?

An experienced auditor must conduct the health check. They should be able to identify pain points of an implementation and also assess their impact on the overall solution. Concrete recommendations on how to solve the issues are a necessity.

Proper implementations of WebSphere Commerce are robust and support your eCommerce business to grow. If you feel that your implementation slows down your business plans or you have any concerns about it and would like to avoid potential troubles – order a health check. It will reveal pain points and give you directions on how to deal with them.

Jędrzej Malkiewicz

Jędrzej Malkiewicz

I’m a Solution Architect. My primary responsibility is transforming business ideas into working technical solutions. Since 2008 I have worked as an architect, developer and subject matter expert in many deployments of IBM WebSphere Commerce worldwide.

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