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How to brand a digital commerce pioneer?

1.2.2016 -

The merger between Solteq and Descom has created a digital business pioneer. The result? Comprehensive solutions for digital commerce under one roof.

Back-office processes extend all the way to the customer experience: from supply chain management to online marketing. This unique offering has the makings of a new brand.

Two sides

At the heart of our strategy are visionary business solutions, extensive internationalisation and solid professional expertise. However vision alone isn’t enough for our international clients: we transform ideas into concrete actions and solutions.

Our nature is dualistic. Not contradictory and mutually exclusive, but supportive and complementary:

We provide different solutions; our people have a wide variety of personalities. We each provide different strengths and areas of interest. By combining these – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A brand is born of people: staff and customers

On that basis, a brand is born as though independently. We have amazing clients, such as Assa Abloy and Alko, who value our insightfulness and ability to deliver solutions. Our experts have a passion to develop and offer the best commercial solutions. The core of our brand? The idea that in a fast-changing world, our customers need a partner who can deliver today what they need tomorrow. We have the passion to deliver the unexpected to our customers.

Visually, this is reflected in our new brand as different inspiring colour gradients and a rational and clear typeface in neutral colours. The logo is modern and fresh.

Solteq logo collection

There is abundant use of colour with several colour gradient combinations. We  Solteqians are diverse, and the colours represent our cheerful and varied community.

The customer’s journey

Digital commerce goes beyond providing the end customer with a striking website interface. An outstanding customer experience is only possible when back-office systems share data seamlessly and make it easily accessible for the end customer and customer service representative. Our mission is to develop solutions to this problem. The complexity taking place behind the scenes is captured in the main image on the website:

Digital Commerce Solteq

The website’s general appearance is calm, clear and reliable, but the images and colour gradient effects introduce an element of creativity and an international character. Our dual nature is also represented as simple, concrete core solutions and more detailed/technical information.

Our website’s main navigation reflects our customers’ journey. Our joint odyssey often begins with a consultation – a roadmap for the future is built together to support the customer’s business and goals.

Technological solutions can be found at the under omnichannel sales and core of commerce. Depending on the customer, they could include service cashiers, ecommerce sites, ERP systems or other data management systems, and increasingly, combinations of these systems.

Digital marketing helps our customers improve their existing technology and fully exploit it – often by increasing customer flows and sales.

Developing a business does not end with the conclusion of a project’s technology implementation. Continuity services ensure we safeguard business continuity for our customers with support and life-cycle services.

We provide digital commerce solutions from insight to implementation and beyond – far into the future.

People create brands, not companies

Our brand work is just beginning. So far, we have laid down the foundation. The final brand will be shaped by cooperation with our staff, customers, partners and other stakeholders. Everyone has something to contribute, and we are happy to hear opinions and views. Hop aboard! Join us for this exciting journey toward creating a new and unique brand!

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