Daring to be proud

13.5.2014 -

Seven experts from different parts of our organization sat around a table, speaking about pride.

The topic had been hand-picked for the group in advance, since Finns wouldn’t otherwise dare to discuss such a subject. As the Finnish sayings go: If you are happy, don’t tell anyone. Or, if you reach for the stars you have a longer way to fall.

The discussion began with a look at participants’ individual sense of professional pride. They were proud of their level of prowess and the fact that they were a part of the organization. They were committed to their work. They always had the support of great colleagues, who also helped develop their skills.

It’s good to visit our customers and we can be proud of our project team,” said one of them. Another added, “We can be proud of our customers, many of which are widely-known major companies. We’re not talking in the class of the old Nokia days, where everyone had a Nokia device in their pocket, but how many are using a Descom-designed eCommerce site or service every day?

Heads nodded in agreement around the table. The conversation naturally progressed to customer feedback, and we all agreed that we could be particularly proud of our ability to achieve success alongside our customers.

Personally, I’m proud that I can do work that’s a growing part of business operations,” one of the experts contributed. He was pleased to be able to present solutions that would help customers develop their business.

Job satisfaction, a pleasant atmosphere and good working environment also came up in discussion. Our management is not hierarchical, but our specialists can shape their own day-to-day work and this in turns offers customers a simplified approach to projects. Our ability to spend time with work colleagues outside the office at events and during shared leisure time activities was also a major source of pride.

Our CEO Juha had been listening to our experts’ views on the subject. For his part, he was proud of the corporate culture and quality of professionals working for the company. “I can always visit customers secure in the knowledge that our expertise and our goals are aligned: we get the job done no matter what,” he said.

Naturally the conversation also touched on other areas where we should feel proud. Surprisingly, we agreed that these sources of pride should be shared more with other people, including those outside of the company. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now – with pride. The entire conversation can be summed up in this statement by one of our experts, “We should be proud every day that we are taking Descom forward.

Minna Liminka

Minna Liminka

I am a HR Director because I want to have an influence on the well-being of our work community. I read all the job applications sent to us and I am involved in almost every interview. I like recruiting events, and I cooperate with schools. I am very passionate about my work, and I hope that I can sometimes inspire others, too.

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