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Platform economy offers you a place in consumers’ daily life

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Platform economy: empty hype or your place in consumers’ daily life?

Recently, I participated in a bank survey. In response to a question about the number of apps I use, I was about to answer, “One”. But after adding up all my online credit cards and bitcoin wallets, I decided on “Six”. I take advantage of mobile and online applications for payments, cash transfers and investments […]

Jani Kykyri


Business disruption and the difficulty of unlearning old ways

Summer holidays are great for a number of reasons. Time to engage in various activities, learn new things, relax and let your brain unwind. It’s also easier to break routines when you have time to think about your old habits and to change them. Although a shortlist as a concept originated in the business world, […]

Juha Luomala

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A sales-driven B2B e-commerce site goes beyond technology

When implementing a B2B e-commerce solution, businesses need to take many factors into consideration. Often elements in the territory between technology and business are overlooked. Without them, the implementation project can itself seem to be a success, but future sales targets suffer. To ensure your online store succeeds, ensure you attend to these matters in […]

Jari Mäkelä
From idea to digital business with a positice ecosystem spririt – Solteq Plc

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From idea to digital business with a positive ecosystem spirit

An old saying about digitalisation echoes in corridors, ‘An idea is worth nothing’. It revolves in my thoughts over a cup of coffee. Why is it so difficult to create new digital services or solutions that become businesses that can be taken seriously? What happens along the way?

Jussi Kostamo
Customisation is crucial in the digital market: learn how Magento meets your needs

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Customisation is crucial in the digital market: learn how Magento meets your needs

More than 250,000 merchants have made Magento the world’s most popular e-commerce solution. The secret of its success lies in its ability to respond to rapid digital changes. New features make gaining market share increasingly easy – on your company’s terms. Magento is an e-commerce platform that effectively responds to continuous digital change. It is […]

Johannes Harju

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Customers’ happiness: your greatest opportunity for digitalisation

A few weeks ago, I visited our customer’s head office and encountered happiness. One of our hosts unlocked a door using a microchip embedded in his wrist. The subdermal chip also worked for logging into a photocopier and a few other devices. My immediate reaction was intense excitement: Science fiction movie stuff! RFID in the […]

Krista Korelin

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Analyteq Oy becomes part of the Solteq family: Product replenishment analytics to support digital commerce solutions

When Solteq announced that the company was acquiring a majority shareholding of Analyteq Oy, this caused immediate interest and reflective murmurings among employees. At that point, the new owner’s intentions were probably of concern to many, because the acquisition took everyone by surprise. Now that the dust has settled somewhat and the acquisition has been […]

Tuomas Brunou

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The value of a well-being strategy becomes visible on Tuesday

What does group exercise breaks have in common with Jarmo’s recreational floorball games, Risto biking to work, #solteqmove hashtag and lying on a massage table? They all represent enjoyable moments. But the truly essential point lies in the background.


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Generation Z and the art of commerce

Was I wrong after all? When the first members of the Generation Z were born around the mid-1990s, those of us at university examined and contemplated the future impact of electronic commerce. Young, and perhaps a little idealistic, we were certain value chains would shorten, new players would dominate the market and buying would migrate […]

Juha Luomala
Commerce is changing – are you ready


Commerce is changing – are you ready?

Recent news reports reveal that signs declaring, ‘Jesus is coming. Are you ready?’ have been removed from roadsides because they seem threatening to passers-by. Because I had already become so used to them, they caused me no real alarm. Are you aware of another major force for change from which even commerce is not immune? […]

Kirsi Jalasaho

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