A phone call unexpectedly leads to a new job – Joni joins our Magento team



Although a new job might not be uppermost in a professional’s mind, the right opportunity can change it. That’s just what happened to software specialist, Joni Mustaniemi, who now strengthens our Magento team. Over a period of a few months, our solid team, independence and ‘big-but-small’ corporate culture have made an impression on him.

Late in 2016, an incoming call from an unknown number lit up the display on Joni Mustaniemi’s phone. The caller was a headhunter. He talked Joni into a follow-up, face-to-face conversation.

“At the time, changing jobs wasn’t even on my mind. However, after the call, one thing led to another and soon I was in an interview with Solteq’s Juha Luomala. The conversation felt natural and our ideas clicked well. I was concerned about jumping from a steady job into a new position, but at the end of the discussion, I had already changed my mind,” Joni says.

“I have always been driven by the desire to be involved in implementing eCommerce solutions as well as browser-based software. When the phone rang that day, I’d already had prior experience with SharePoint, eCommerce product development using Java and, to some extent, Magento online store solutions. In my role as a service manager, I was also familiar with the customer interface.”

Joni’s skills profile suited Solteq’s needs. The company had recently added Magento eCommerce solutions to its portfolio. So, in January 2017, Joni plunged into the newly-established Magento team. At the same time, Solteq completed the acquisition of Pardco and absorbed its Magento specialists into its own team. Joni was soon joined by a group of new colleagues – all leading experts.

After taking up his new position, first impressions have been very positive and all Joni’s doubts about changing jobs have faded. In diverse work, he has been able to participate in everything from drawing up offers to trying his hand at coding. At the same time, he has been able to influence the team’s working methods.

Joni sees many positive factors in his efforts and Solteq’s way of operating.

“The job provides great independence; unnecessary layers have been eliminated, which is a good thing. We have satisfactory tools, and pleasant workmates are always ready to help, if needed. The job has been rewarding, regardless of the stakeholders involved.”

“Solteq also provides diverse services from cashier systems to online stores through to digital marketing and much more. I always get new insights from others for my work whenever I need it. Solteq is also a so-called big-little company. In other words, decision-making is easy and discussion is open.”

For now, Magento has stolen Joni’s heart, so naturally we must ask why.

“I think Magento is here to stay. It is already a very advanced product that can be expanded and customised to develop solutions suitable for customers. It scales for use in many companies regardless of their size, has many built-in features and the Magento community is very active. It is a pleasure to work with this particular product and with skilled colleagues as well.”

The search is on!

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