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With continuous AB-testing to world-class user experience

Just a few years ago, when a company was looking to give its website a facelift, they would start with the visual design before testing how the style would work in practice. Nowadays, usability is the starting point of an online journey and the foundation of visual design. And most importantly: it brings great cost […]

Ilari Vallisaari
Digital Marketing


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Solteq Plc’s annual report and financial statements 2017 have been published

Solteq’s annual report 2017 and financial statements for the accounting period 1 January – 31 December 2017 have been published in English and Finnish. The annual report consists of the Annual review 2017 and the Financial review 2017. The financial review includes the Board of Directors’ report, the financial statements, the auditors’ report and the […]



Are your online services designed for your customers – or for you? Double your online business by simplifying!

Many web services are made in the image of their designers, although the customer should be at the centre. Users are impatient to learn how to use web services as developers have designed and intended them to be used. Too often we only learn to use services through trial and error. However, the more users […]

Olli Väätäinen
Solteqin Rob Ottinen on kiinalainen palvelurobotti.


Even a super robot needs human help in the workplace

How would you feel if you enthusiastically went to welcome a new co-worker and he turned away without saying a word? Exactly. I was also offended. It wasn’t just any worker, but the highly anticipated service robot, Rob Ottinen, which joined the Solteq work community last autumn. I looked forward to meeting a gentleman who […]

Kirsi Jalasaho


Stop losing business and focus on the customer experience: Read more about Solteq’s Deep Vision service

The challenge for modern e-commerce and other online services is to truly understand the behaviour of customers during their online journeys. Solteq’s new Deep Vision service provides visibility into the behaviour of your online service visitors and the issues they experience. Read more about how we can help to identify where your customers have issues […]



Solteq’s store solutions support Ruohonjuuri’s expanding to Sweden

Solteq Plc has provided LS Nav store solution to Ruohonjuuri’s store in Stockholm as well as back end system for the Sweden’s country organisation. At the beginning of 2018, Solteq has also been responsible of Ruohonjuuri’s sales and back end systems in Finland. Ruohonjuuri’s store in Stockholm, called Happy Food Store, is its first store […]



Nine tips for choosing your best POS system

Thinking about opening up your own retail store? Trying to decide the best POS system for you? Or are you perhaps considering updating your current cashier system to a new one? There are numerous POS systems, so it’s easy to get confused. Some supplier may offer the latest cloud-based system, while others provide POS systems […]

Eliisa Häkkinen
Design your operating model to withstand the winds of digital change


Design your operating model to withstand the winds of digital change

As the end of the year approaches, budgeting and goal setting are on the to-do lists of many companies. Much energy is spent on visualising the future. Remember how much easier this all was 20 years ago? When I consider working life over the past 20 years, one of the biggest changes has been our […]

Juha Luomala


Solteq expands to Denmark and Norway through corporate acquisition: launches cloud service to offer unprecedented data on website visitor behaviour

Solteq Plc has agreed to purchase the stock of TM United A/S (Theilgaard Mortenssen). The acquisition allows Solteq to expand to the Danish market and open an office in Norway. The Theilgaard Mortensen solutions are focused on digital transactions and the optimisation of the online customer experience. After the sale, Solteq will be offering the […]


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