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Retail Day in Stockholm 8.3.2017

Welcome to the RETAIL day the 8th of March together with us at APONSA/SOLTEQ. A day when you will get to know more about us and about what LS Retail and NAV has to offer as well as the news that is relevant for the Swedish market. There have [...]

4 days ago

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Developer Blog: Peek behind the curtain of software development

In our recently launched Developer Blog, we share information about practical technical solutions and new trends in software development. Open dialogue is key to progress.

2 months ago


Solteq is now a LS Retail Diamond Partner 2016

Solteq is pleased to announce that it has attained Diamond Partner status in the LS Retail Partner Program for 2016. LS Retail Diamond Partners have reached the highest level in their industry by virtue of their sales achievements. This elite [...]

11 months ago


How Bridging the Gap between Technology and Customer Needs Could Spell Success for Companies

Customer experience is about bridging critical gaps between digital elements and the real world. From Design to Reality “The gap between the real world and IT Solutions is huge and the one who is able to bridge this gap to match business [...]

11 months ago

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Solteq and Heads partner up to provide real-time retail solutions

Solteq has signed a Partner Agreement with Heads, a Swedish software company that provides real-time retail and supply chain management solutions that include in-store and POS solutions. Solteq has a wide presence in the Finnish market with over [...]

11 months ago


The world-famous cosmetics and lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret in partnership with Agora Trading is taking over Finland, assisted by Solteq

Solteq is helping the world-renowned cosmetics and lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret to take over Finland by implementing the deployment of the stores’ technology solutions through its local partner Agora Trading. Finland’s first Victoria’s [...]

12 months ago


D-Congress 10.3.2016

D-Congress is the meeting place for everyone working with digital commerce in the Nordics. Since 1978 the conference has offered speeches by the the most interesting and influential people in the field of digital commerce. D-Congress gathers [...]

1 year ago


Don’t hide your webshop if you have one

There is plenty of talk about multichannel business and about commerce going online. Sometimes it feels like commerce went online, but never really came back to brick-and-mortar stores.

3 years ago


Seven tips for omnichannel customer service

There's a lot of talk about how brick-and-mortar and online stores should support each other. However, not much is actually done in practice.

3 years ago


From the cloud, of course!

For those of us who got our first IT training in the 90s, it takes a lot of work to translate our thinking into the same mode as our digital native teenagers. And in only a few years' time, this generation will enter the workforce in large [...]

4 years ago

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