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The 6-point checklist to get your omnichannel service model in shape

Consumers need customer-centric ease of doing business, especially after they make a purchase. If a firm invests in its omnichannel service, it should also fare well in international competition. Have you ever run into the same issue I have? I [...]

2 months ago

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Generation Z and the art of commerce

Was I wrong after all? When the first members of the Generation Z were born around the mid-1990s, those of us at university examined and contemplated the future impact of electronic commerce. Young, and perhaps a little idealistic, we were [...]

4 months ago

Will Watson revolutionise your business?


Will Watson revolutionise your business?

Many of us still perceive Watson as an AI (artificial intelligence) narrative performing well on television quiz shows. But now Watson is much more than that. Fundamentally, Watson is a collection of cognitive skills capable of understanding [...]

8 months ago


Pimp My Delivery

Do you remember that hit series which turned any car into a great ride? In summer holiday mood I applied the format to one of the most important areas of commerce.

10 months ago


The 7 deadly sins of digital commerce development

Consultants are supposed to present solutions to problems. In my previous blog post, I discussed 10 best methods to develop digital commerce. Shortly after that post, readers started asking for the worst methods and practises. In this post, I [...]

1 year ago


10 methods to develop digital commerce

As the Finnish retail sector navigates through choppy waters towards digitalisation and international trade, I’ve observed many good and bad practices during the course of my work. Have you identified any in your business? The retail sector has [...]

1 year ago


NRF 2015: Top 7 revelations

I visited NRF15 for the first time. I have to say that those 6 days in NYC were professionally very useful. Here are my TOP seven findings: 1. Omnichannel It seems that Descom is in a good position when building omnichannel capabilities. Our own [...]

2 years ago


What have we learned in a hundred years?

A while ago, I was talking with some friends about our university studies, and in particular, about writing our Master's theses. One of the issues we discussed was how long they endure the test of time, and how ashamed we now were of them, [...]

4 years ago


Don’t you know who I am?

Have you ever heard that question before? Have you ever seen frustrated customers stamp their feet in a store, demanding to be served? At the beginning of my career, I was in the clothing business and witnessed such incidents at the shop floor [...]

6 years ago

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