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Customers and employees determine your online B2B store’s success

Online B2B sales are growing rapidly. Why do some online stores fail to attract customers? And why don’t online sales grow in proportion to company revenue? Professional buyers do most of their research online. Many prefer to reorder products online themselves. If you don’t see this happening in your online B2B store, you might be […]

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A sales-driven B2B e-commerce site goes beyond technology

When implementing a B2B e-commerce solution, businesses need to take many factors into consideration. Often elements in the territory between technology and business are overlooked. Without them, the implementation project can itself seem to be a success, but future sales targets suffer. To ensure your online store succeeds, ensure you attend to these matters in […]

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How to improve B2B sales online with better product search

What is the most important functionality of a B2B online store? An excellent product search. If a product search returns too many results, buyers waste valuable time scanning through the results. Even though many online stores also offer an advanced search option, a search will return zero results if the product code is entered in […]

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B2B eCommerce should simplify work

Experts are forecasting incredible growth figures for eCommerce among businesses, i.e. for the B2B sector. According to the research firm, Forrester, sales in the United States will cross the trillion-dollar threshold over the next four years, accounting for 12% of all corporate trade. However, I was caught by another statement in the Forrester research: B2B buyers […]

Jari Mäkelä

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